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Welcome to, the digital hub for human rights advocacy and activism. Therefore, we appreciate your interest in joining the movement to champion the rights and freedoms of individuals around the globe. Whether you have questions, want to collaborate, or seek support for your cause, this Contact Us page is your gateway to connect with us.

General Inquiries

To begin with, if you have general inquiries about our organisation, mission, or events, please feel free to reach out to our dedicated team. Hence, we are here to provide information and address any concerns you may have.

Email: [email protected]


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Collaboration and Partnerships

In addition, we believe in the power of collaboration to bring about meaningful change. If you are an organisation, activist group, or individual looking to partner with us, please get in touch. Together, let’s amplify our impact and strive for a world that universally respects human rights.

Email: [email protected]

Media and Press Inquiries

For media and press inquiries, including interview requests, press releases, and other media-related matters, please contact our media relations team. We commit to transparent communication and eagerly share our insights and perspectives with the world.

Email: [email protected]

Event Participation

Furthermore, if you want to participate in our events or host your own in collaboration with Anonymous Million Mask March, contact us for guidance and support. We encourage individuals and groups to organize peaceful gatherings that promote our shared values of justice, equality, and human rights.

Email: [email protected]

FAQs: Answers to Your Burning Questions

1. What is the Million Mask March?

The Million Mask March is an annual event organized by activists associated with the collective known as Anonymous. Participants wear Guy Fawkes masks to symbolize their commitment to standing against injustice and advocating for human rights.

2. How Can I Get Involved?

Getting involved is easy! You can start by subscribing to our newsletter for updates on events and campaigns. Attend local Million Mask March events, join online discussions, and contribute your skills to the movement. Follow us on social media to stay connected.

3. Is a Secure Platform?

Yes, we take the security and privacy of our users seriously. Our website is equipped with encryption protocols to ensure the confidentiality of your data. We do not store sensitive information without your explicit consent, and we continuously update our security measures to protect against potential threats.

4. Can I Organize My Own Event?

Absolutely! We encourage individuals and groups to organize their own events under the Anonymous Million Mask March banner. Contact our events team for guidance, resources, and to coordinate efforts. Together, we can make a greater impact.

5. How Can I Report Human Rights Violations?

If you have information about human rights violations that you would like to report or bring to our attention, please email our dedicated Human Rights Watch team at [email protected]. Moreover, your information will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

6. How Do I Donate or Support the Cause Financially?

We appreciate your willingness to support our cause financially. You can make donations through our secure online portal on the website. Therefore, your contributions will go towards organizing events, supporting activists, and furthering the fight for human rights.

7. How Can I Volunteer?

Volunteers are the backbone of our movement. If you are passionate about human rights and want to contribute your time and skills, please email our volunteer coordinator at [email protected].¬† Thus, share your interests and expertise, and we’ll help you find the perfect way to get involved.

Join Us in Building a Better Future

Lastly, thank you for considering reaching out to us.Together, let’s amplify our voices, raise awareness, and shape a world that values and protects the rights of every individual. Your support and engagement are crucial in driving positive change. Let’s stand united for justice, equality, and the fundamental rights of all.

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